2014 VW Golf SportVan

2014 VW Golf SportVan 2014 VW Golf SportVan


2014 VW Golf SportVan


The VW Golf SportVan offers both sportier style element as well as a whole lot of cargo space and flexibility. It has a length which falls somewhere between the Golf Hatchback and the Golf Estate Wagon in Europe. It will be exactly 3.26 inches longer than the Hatchback and 8.81 inches shorter than the Wagon. As a result the VW Golf SportVan will resemble the shape of the Ford C-Max hybrid. Since its most outstanding feature will be versatility in the form of a maximum storage capability, the VW Golf SportVan will be able to consume 1512 liters of cargo easily. It will contain a more upright and locked seating position and will still handle 17.6 cubic feet of cargo. If its backseats are folded flat the cargo space will increase to 20.6 cubic feet.

2014 Volkswagen Golf Sportvan 1024x682 2014 VW Golf SportVan

2014 Volkswagen Golf Sportvan

When the VW Golf SportVan is launched in Europe in 2014, it will present six new engines. Four of these will be gas and two will be diesel engines. Moreover, this sport van will include an extremely efficient 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine. Engine efficiency has also been improved by 19 percent in this golf range. Moreover, a start-stop system will be part of these new engines as regular equipment. The VW Golf SportsVan will also offer a new blind spot monitoring system and a sliding panoramic roof. A heated steering wheel will be introduced for the first time. This car will have independent city braking, an XDS+ electronic locking differential and active headlights.


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